Cycling blogger’s twisted satire: Lance Armstrong cancer was a hoax

As the much-ballyhooed Oprah does Lance Armstrong taped interview gets closer, speculation surrounding what the TV mogul will ask and what the disgraced cycling champion will say has drawn plenty of attention.

Matt Walsh, left, publisher of TwistedSpoke, with cycling announcer Phil Ligget, in 2010.

Matt Walsh, left, publisher of TwistedSpoke, with cycling announcer Phil Ligget, in 2010.

Veteran serious journalists have offered a list of questions they would ask Armstrong — his relationship with Johan Bruyneel to the massive dossier details of some are calling the biggest doping scandal in sports history.

And then there’s Matt Walsh, editor and publisher of the acerbic blog, TwistedSpoke.

For a few years now, Walsh had taken a stern look at cycling. There’s no doubt he likes the sport, its engaging personalities, its history and its free-form global arena. And it’s all ripe to poke some fun at, which Walsh does in a blog unique in the sport of too many shaved-legged journalists and cycling fan apologists.

On the eve of Armstrong’s 90-minute taped interview with Winfrey at his home in Austin, Texas, Walsh has revealed the scoop of scoops.

What Armstrong did was fake his cancer, Walsh reveals.

It’s satire, of course. It’s bound to piss off cancer survivors and maybe even Armstrong, who’s not above revenge.

And yet, the commentary is ripe with comedy, and it comes as no surprise from a blog with the name Twisted Spoke.

Consider one passage in the piece, describing how the whole thing happened.

“It came out in the pre-production phone call,” said Steve Maydup. “Oprah was questioning Lance about doping and cancer and he says the whole thing was faked. I think he got a kick out of freaking everybody. The room got pretty quiet.”

The quote is from “Steve Maydup.” And there’s another quote from a medial analyst named “Max Raytings.”

Walsh has fun with the essay, and he quotes liberally from a few other cycling mouthpieces, Betsy Andreu to Sally Jenkins to Phil Liggett.

There’s no doubt, the Oprah Winfrey broadcast, set for Jan. 17 on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will get a huge audience. But for a little levity before the big broadcast unfolds, check out the Twisted Spoke blog: Lance Armstrong’s cancer was hoax

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